Stamps and Stencil requirements

Image requirements for STAMPS or STENCIL making

1. Image Resolution requirement.


It is best to supply your image in VECTOR format such as  EPS, DXF, CDR or AI. 

Although it is possible to extract useful details from a jpg bmp or gif images, they are essentially a grey scale and thus do not have clear definition between black and white lines.  Thus the result of your stamps or stencils may not be as clear as you wish for.

Although both format would show up fine on your screen, there are fundamental differences that really determine the final result.


 Vector    Raster


If you are unable to provide vector image, please send your image as a large BLACK and WHITE (monochrome if possible) at 300 dot per inch (DPI) so fine details could be extracted.

The best way to see if your image is good is to open the image to full size on your screen, if the edge of the image shows up blurry then most it would not be good enough.  On the other hand, large raster images usually show up with very little blurriness and thus acceptable for the data extraction.

2. Colour and grey scales tone

There are no actual colour, grey scale or half tone on etching or stamping, like news print all half tone are simulated by varying the size of dots on the print itself, half tone on etching or stamping could be simulated with varying the thickness of your lines.  But although this is possible, on the actual manufacturing of the stamp or stencil very fine lines may disappear altogether and the end result may not be as what you think it would be.

We strongly discourage the use of grey scales or half tone in the designs.

If you really want to do half tone, you would need to vectorize your image and you would be responsible for all the costs of production even if the design do not turn out the way you want them to be.

3. Fine details

While it is possible to manufacture stamps or stencils  down to about 0.1mm lines, it is not recommended to design lines that are thinner than 0.5 mm.   On Leather stamps, any lines thinner than 0.5mm would CUT the leather rather than compressing it.   On Stencils, lines thinner than 0.5mm might not have enough clearances for the electrolyte to pass through thus the result of the etch may be blotchy.

4. Fonts

Often fancy fonts are designed into the design, this are Ok, but it would be best to include the TTF file (the actual font files) when you are using fonts that are not native on Windows or Mac.  This is to ensure that we could replicate your design properly on the stamps or stencils.

Custom LOGO Design Service

 Having said the above, I could always help you in producing your logo image for good result in stamping and stencils.  This service will provided with a cost, depending on your requirements, the cost will vary from a minimum of $100 to $500 for difficult designs.  Time point for design service would vary depeding on complexity of the design.