Etching Stencil

I now offer to make stencils that are strong and durable for metal electro etching process.

Gelandangan's Green and Gold Stencils

The price for a 4 x 6 inch (100 x 150 mm) GREEN AND GOLD inished stencil sheet is $45 including delivery to address in Australia

You can fit as many designs that you wish in the stencils but I recommend that you leave enough area around the stencils for stick on and blocking the area that you do not want to etch.

To order the stencil, contact me using the contact form   <- click here

The design should be - In black and white- minimum of 8 x 12 inch in 300 dot per inch resolution,
I will scale the image down to your required final size.

Click here for Information on image requirements for your stencils and stamps

- Vector images (preferred) will produce finer details than standard bitmap.
- I can help to panelise your designs 
- If you are using type face (writing on your stencils) please send the font type you use as well as the design.
Generally the delivery time for the stencils would be 2 weeks if not faster after the payment is finalized.

Stencil example