Metal Marker MK 1.2


Metal marker MK 1.2  Electro Etching system 


Working at 24V the etching machine is more aggressive and able to produce deeper etches.New algorithm for current delivery for less undercut, and higher resolution transfers.
Backlit LCD for ease of operation, fully adjustable memory system for selected steel material with 2 custom and 1 random position.


Fully assembled system in custom made anodized aluminum enclosure.Come in its own storage box with startup consumables ready to use.


-  Flexible usage with customisable 16 memory locations.
-  Programmable both DC or AC current exposures in granularity steps of 0.1 seconds from 0 to 25 seconds 
-  LED light to show corrent operation in DC or AC current delivery
-  Safe operation with dc current adaptor the system generates its own AC current as required
-  Able to operate from 9 to 24 V dc either with adaptor from mains or batteries to suit.
-  Backlit LCD for ease of operation in dark workshops
-  Current control algorithm for protection of stencils from over current burning.
-  12 months warranty.-  PROUDLY DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA

From July 2014 all machine will have Etching Dosage Control (EDC  ) system 
that measure and deliver exact dosage of current to be used to etch.
Whether you "swipe" or hold steady the cathode piece, the machine will detect the electrical connection and deliver exactly the current dosage as set into the system.

From August 2014 all machine will have PLATING mode that reverses the current flow at the press of a button.  This works similar to electroplating that enable metalic ions to be used to plate the metal parts through the stencil.  With correct electrolyte you could plate your etched metal with gold, silver, copper etc to create color.

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