Recommended Sites

Recommended Sites

A few awesome Australian suppliers that worth the mention:

Howling Dingo's Etsy Shop 
     suppliers of many interesting arts supplies and fine finished products

Gameco Knife Making Supplies 
     Australian supplier of knifemaking or blacksmithing needs, from forge, tongs, steel or skill.. 

Keith Fludder - Knifemaker 
      A very talented bladesmith in Tahmoor NSW Australia

Terra Rosa Gear
     Tarps and Tents hand made in Australia

BushcraftOz Store
      supplier of many variety of gears for outdoor recreation.

Oatley Electronics
      Suppliers for Hobby Electronics needs

 Awesome LED lighting products, my store is almost entirely lit by their product.
      (With awesome cost saving in electricity bills !!!!)

Proloc Australia - For all commercial security and shelving products. 

Some sites with forums that I frequent at:

HuntingNut - A very friendly family oriented site.
        Here we sit around the fire and bullshit talk about all things under the stars.

Australian Blade Forums - Love knives? discuss it here!
BushcraftOz - for those that love the outdoors
SurvivalHQ - a friendly site oriented towards self sufficiency.
AustSurvivallist - very Ozzie kind of forum where every newcomers are teased mercilessly..
                their barks are worse than their bites 

Here are where I wish to be when I am not hard at work, making things, or out in the bush
Sydney Pistol Club - A friendly place to pursuit excelence in pistol shooting sport.