PAR LogoWho or what is Gelandangan?    

In Indonesian language, "Gelandangan" means "Drifter", or "Hobo" a homeless wanderer.  Thats what I am .. wandering and always looking for a home or better job or whatever that interest me..  Due to my wandering nature, over the years I gathered many different skills.  I love to tinker.. making things .. the more challenge it is the better I like it.

My background is in engineering, I studied in the University of New South Wales in the end of the eighties.
I programs and design electronics systems based on Microchip PIC range of microcontrollers, and currently attained Gold Level Design Partner status with Microchip. With them, I designed electronics devices, security, robotic and controls automation systems.
I retrofit CNC machines, I have professionally retrofit and rebuilt professional motion picture film cameras for studios and universities.
I love bushcrafting so I made knives, leather pouches, knive sheaths, alcohol stoves, solar chargers etc etc etc.

There are many things that I could make, I am always open to suggestion.
If i
t is feasible, I will make it.

I am based in Rockdale, near the Sydney International Airport, Australia.

Thanks for your visit. 

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